At Willo, we participate and are involved in every project, from idea to finished product. For our customers, this means skills resources, speed, confidence and cost-effectiveness. When you work with us, you don't only get access to cost-effective production. We also take an active role in looking to see where in the production chain you can find opportunities for improvements and cost savings.


We review quality requirements and volume requirements, and identify the lowest possible degree of manufacturing.


Every commission is analysed in the greatest detail for the most efficient manufacturing method.


On the basis of customer requirements, production and transport flows and delivery times are optimised.


From our own warehouse, running suborders can be made in customer-specific packaging.


We have dedicated procedures for handling sensitive material, and the entire process flow is secured with methods such as foreign material exclusion (FME), zoning and line clearance. We work in accordance with LEAN and flow orientation, in both administration and production.

We put high demands on quality in our production chain. We work with ongoing production checks and comply with the tolerances specified. Any deviations are followed up, in order to constantly improve our processes.


We have specialist knowledge and experience of different materials and their characteristics. This knowledge is put to use both in product development together with our customers and in our production. Today, we produce parts in materials including titanium, zirconium, hafnium, stainless steel (e.g. 316L, super duplex) and inconel. We have well established procedures for storage, handling, quality assurance and full traceability from raw materials to finished product.


Ever since the beginning in 1956, Willo has been distinguished by its specialist expertise in metal cutting. This forms the basis for what we now call Willoprecision – small, difficult critical parts. We maintain these skills by being at the leading edge of knowledge about new manufacturing methods and modern machinery.


In our grinding department we handle parts with dimensions down to +/- 0.001 mm and/or Ra values of 0.02. It is important for us to also be able to take responsibility for this part of the production process.

In our grinding department we handle:

  • Surface grinding
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Centreless grinding
  • Internal grinding
  • Plunge-cut and through-feed grinding
  • Superfinish
  • Honing
  • Lapping


Verifying the tough requirements for the parts we manufacture is an important component of our work. In our temperature-controlled measurement room we have advanced programs which give detailed information about the product and a complete measurement history.
The measurement results are filed in accordance with our own and our customers’ stipulations.


All finished parts are cleaned carefully at one or more stages in the process.
There is a secondary alkaline washing process primarily for nuclear power parts, and a separate wash for medical technical products so that they can achieve the approved level of cleanliness for class 8 clean rooms.


Packaging is done both in customer-owned wrapping and in specially produced wrapping which gives the product optimal protection during delivery. We also carry out final packaging of parts which go directly to
the end customer, which requires knowledge of labelling with the right design to follow the customer’s directives.


We work with many different kinds of logistical solutions, depending on our customers’ needs. Optimal customer agreements, high delivery precision and quality, correct documentation, short lead times and flexibility are important watchwords for us at Willo.


To meet our customers' needs we have around a hundred machines in our plant. This means high capacity and great flexibility. Willo is one of Scandinavia's biggest contract manufacturers of small advanced parts – in some segments we are the biggest. Here you can read more about our various machines.
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